Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This past weekend was Sunset Junction weekend, and therefore pretty fun, as it always is. The festival itself usually playing backup to all the parties. On Friday I felt pretty bad that I didn't attend the final "weekly" Shits & Giggles, especially since my good friend Dee Jay Pee Play and his partners of Honey Soundsystem came down to spin there, but when a party bus calls your name YOU SAY YES! So off to Roberta's Birthday I went.

Tranny performances at Tempo:

Saturday I meant to wake up and head out to Palm Springs for the Honey pool party out there, but of course after a night of party busing I didn't wake up till like 2pm and had no drive to go out to the desert. So two days of Sunset Junction ensued. The highlight of which was Arrested Development's performance. Those backup singers/dancers were LIVING.

oh and btw, I'm still living for her:

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