Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Something that I've never really thought about too much, but am now realizing more and more is that I love dolls! Who knew? I guess I played with "Action Figures" and dolls alot when i was a kid (especially my little pony), but never thought twice about it until about a year ago when I found a hunky male doll in a speedo and a lesbionically babe-a-licious Sporty Spice doll within the same week. I still have these two dolls on display in my house. In my eyes, they are a couple....even though Sporty Spice is SO gay.

My plan was to start buying more pop culture themed dolls but I never stuck with that. Now that Jeffrey is commemorating their 10 year anniversary by curating a charity auction of limited edition dolls styled by over 50 top designers my love for dolls has been revived. I know that I can't currently afford ANY of these dolls, which makes me want to die, but maybe somewhere down the line I'll buy one off ebay or something. Unless one of you could buy it for me?! I guess it would be really weird and creepy if owned a bunch of dolls though, especially at my current age and living situation.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I'm not sure if the Gareth Pugh Ken doll is also for Jeffrey, but either way I want it as well.

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  1. Wow. those dolls are cool! No, it is not weird at all owe some fashion dolls at all! There is a huge community out there - either gender, age, race is a concern!

    Come and read my blog for some fun!