Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rodarded for Target

It was announced today that Rodarte will be joining the ranks of Alexander McQueen by doing a short term line of affordable clothing for Target. Even though I thought the McQueen for Target stuff left something to be desired (I only really like my fishnet zipper dress, ha) I am still excited to see what the Rodarte girls can get done through Target. I'm sure there wont be any intricately disintegrating knits like in most of their collections, but if they are still inspired by horror movies like they have been their entire career thus far it should be interesting to see their interpretation. I just hope, for my sake, its not a bunch of Holiday type dresses as it is due to release in stores on December 20. Now if only Target would do a shoe designer collaboration with someone worth while. I mean, the Rodarte collaboration shoes have been pretty consistently genious:

Here's a link to a little more useful information...i guess:

I'll update further when the actual pictures of the products get released.

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