Monday, August 17, 2009


According to Urban Dictionary "Hummo" has been the word of choice for a Hummer limousine since 2006....but I barely caught on. This is most likely due to my preference for party buses as opposed to Hummos, it's really a decision every person must make for themselves. Regardless, Saturday turned out to be quite amazing for Audrey's Birthday. All the usual suspects were involved, as well as some new people I've never met, and of course Courtney visiting in from NY.

We started off the night by going to Wurstkuche for sausages, since Audrey LOVES sausages of all kinds. I couldn't eat much b/c of the super slim outfit I was in, but I still managed to eat a "hot italian." Truthfully I was more impressed with their french fries more than their sausages, but i don't really like the way the restaurants service is set up. I hate cafeteria feeling places, so having to order up front and then wait around and fight for a table for 15 people was NOT my favorite thing. Then back to the HUMMO.

We headed out to the Morgan Geist Vice/Colt 45 party. Which was small but really fun. Geist can't really do much wrong in my eyes, so it was bound to be good for me. After that the night kinda gets blurry, but I know it was really fun if for no other reason than I saw the pictures and they are amazing. Sadly most of the pictures are inappropriate to my female counterparts with careers so i won't be posting more on here, but wouldn't you like to see...

meh, fuck it, here's a taste:

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