Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This past weekend was Sunset Junction weekend, and therefore pretty fun, as it always is. The festival itself usually playing backup to all the parties. On Friday I felt pretty bad that I didn't attend the final "weekly" Shits & Giggles, especially since my good friend Dee Jay Pee Play and his partners of Honey Soundsystem came down to spin there, but when a party bus calls your name YOU SAY YES! So off to Roberta's Birthday I went.

Tranny performances at Tempo:

Saturday I meant to wake up and head out to Palm Springs for the Honey pool party out there, but of course after a night of party busing I didn't wake up till like 2pm and had no drive to go out to the desert. So two days of Sunset Junction ensued. The highlight of which was Arrested Development's performance. Those backup singers/dancers were LIVING.

oh and btw, I'm still living for her:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Something that I've never really thought about too much, but am now realizing more and more is that I love dolls! Who knew? I guess I played with "Action Figures" and dolls alot when i was a kid (especially my little pony), but never thought twice about it until about a year ago when I found a hunky male doll in a speedo and a lesbionically babe-a-licious Sporty Spice doll within the same week. I still have these two dolls on display in my house. In my eyes, they are a couple....even though Sporty Spice is SO gay.

My plan was to start buying more pop culture themed dolls but I never stuck with that. Now that Jeffrey is commemorating their 10 year anniversary by curating a charity auction of limited edition dolls styled by over 50 top designers my love for dolls has been revived. I know that I can't currently afford ANY of these dolls, which makes me want to die, but maybe somewhere down the line I'll buy one off ebay or something. Unless one of you could buy it for me?! I guess it would be really weird and creepy if owned a bunch of dolls though, especially at my current age and living situation.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I'm not sure if the Gareth Pugh Ken doll is also for Jeffrey, but either way I want it as well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My friends Ron and Dan that comprise Cosmic Kids have been down down down for us for quite some time now, and I love them for it. I'm not sure why they have waited so long to release their first mix considering that they have already spun alot of parties around town (including Rhonda) for the past...let's say...2 years? In any event, this mix is amazing, and has basically gotten me through the many moods of my work day. Well, I don't have a job, but I WORK none the less! What makes this mix even more incredible is that Cosmic Kids spin strictly vinyl! So all you mp3j's take note, THIS SHIT IS REAL.

zSHARE - Cosmic Kids Mix _1.mp3

Monday, August 17, 2009


According to Urban Dictionary "Hummo" has been the word of choice for a Hummer limousine since 2006....but I barely caught on. This is most likely due to my preference for party buses as opposed to Hummos, it's really a decision every person must make for themselves. Regardless, Saturday turned out to be quite amazing for Audrey's Birthday. All the usual suspects were involved, as well as some new people I've never met, and of course Courtney visiting in from NY.

We started off the night by going to Wurstkuche for sausages, since Audrey LOVES sausages of all kinds. I couldn't eat much b/c of the super slim outfit I was in, but I still managed to eat a "hot italian." Truthfully I was more impressed with their french fries more than their sausages, but i don't really like the way the restaurants service is set up. I hate cafeteria feeling places, so having to order up front and then wait around and fight for a table for 15 people was NOT my favorite thing. Then back to the HUMMO.

We headed out to the Morgan Geist Vice/Colt 45 party. Which was small but really fun. Geist can't really do much wrong in my eyes, so it was bound to be good for me. After that the night kinda gets blurry, but I know it was really fun if for no other reason than I saw the pictures and they are amazing. Sadly most of the pictures are inappropriate to my female counterparts with careers so i won't be posting more on here, but wouldn't you like to see...

meh, fuck it, here's a taste:

Sex On A String

This past weekend Ryan Heffington organized a dance/art performance along with his cohorts (including but not limited to Mr. Drew Hinckley, Mr. Steven Synstellian, Ms. Nina McNeely, and Ms. Maurice Harris). Nobody really knew what to expect since everything was kept so hush hush. Not even my own damn friends that were in the performance would really say much about it, but I heard even they were kept somewhat in the dark about the whole thing. Even with all the confusion over what it was they still managed to sell out tickets to both nights (August 14 & 15, 2009).

Everybody on the list was to show up around 7:30pm at The Short Stop in Echo Park, where you check in, paid your $10 fee, and were given a red string to tie around your wrist as an entry ticket. Me and Courtney weren't that into the kabalah look, but we went along. Inside the Short Stop they served a specialty drink for the evening which was comprised of champagne, gin, and chambourd, but also came with the same red string inside the drink as a garnish...which made us realize we coulda just bought the $6 drink and used the string instead of paying the $10 up front...but whatever, support the arts and all that.

Around 8pm two men with fringed hats and accordians walked us all up the street and up a hill to the performances. The performances were all set up in different areas throughout the neighborhood and surrounding hills which we walked through, not as easy a task for Courtney being that her shortest and most comfortable heels are still like 4 inches high.

All the performances were based in voyeurism and fetish, obviously including public sex. The areas and setup were also done pretty well. I think they all did a great job, and I enjoyed doing something a bit different from my normal friday night. I just hope I didn't get Lime disease or anything from walking through those hills at night.

For more pictures click here.

Make sure to get your tickets early to the next performance piece these kids come out with, and if you would like to get more into things yourself check out Sweaty Sundays, the dance class Mr. Heffington teaches every sunday in silverlake.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Since we have started up A CLUB CALLED RHONDA again it has been nothing short of nuts. I am extremely happy with the welcome that L.A. has shown us, and am proud in los angelenos once more for making our party what it is.

Rhonda is now a monthly, just like your period, at El Cid. We decided it was too much to be a weekly, as it was starting to ruin peoples lives. Nobody would show up to work on Friday! I personally even got a D.U.I. after a Rhonda once. So if you'd like to follow us on our hedonistic journey go ahead and sign yourself up at www.rhondasays.net. You can also follow Rhonda on Twitter, or join on Facebook.

For more pictures of the August 8th debauchery check here:

The Worst

Get Famous LA


Thursday, August 6, 2009

WTF: Nissan Cube

This is NOT something I'm obsessed with.
I repeat: This is NOT something I'm obsessed with.

Ok, So I'm kinda breaking my own rules for this blog, but seriously WHAT THE FUCK! I saw this car parked near my Apartment and almost threw up. It is just SO ugly to me. I'm not one to follow cars, so the news about this car's arrival probably hit a long long time ago, but now that it's on the streets and I will most likely have to see it often (since L.A. will undoubtedly buy a ton of anything new) I am very displeased.
What an eyesore.

Why does that back window wrap around only one side?
Does it think its wearing a Brian Lichtenberg bathing suit?:

ok, while we are looking at scion, PLEASE tell me this thing doesn't make it on American soil...



Last night Classixx did a guest DJ spot and interview with Raul Campos on KCRW. Classixx have grown a lot since I first met them back in the "hush hush" days (a party they threw that if i remember correctly started in their basement apartment in echo park...then again I was drunk so I could be wrong). They have produced songs and remixes for groups like the Ting Tings, Phoenix, and Holy Ghost, and even played live (?) at EDC.

I like their sound a lot, and their DJ set for KCRW was very...chilled out disco, which I can appreciate greatly while listening to from the comfort of my desk. Maybe I'm a little biased, but my favorite song they have done so far is "I'll Get You" along with my good friend Jeppe, Although their major lazor remix I'm definitely feeling as well. Good luck to Classixx, I wish them more and more success, which I'm sure they will achieve.

If you didn't catch it last night, here is their KCRW mix:

I'll Get You (feat. Jeppe)

Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rodarded for Target

It was announced today that Rodarte will be joining the ranks of Alexander McQueen by doing a short term line of affordable clothing for Target. Even though I thought the McQueen for Target stuff left something to be desired (I only really like my fishnet zipper dress, ha) I am still excited to see what the Rodarte girls can get done through Target. I'm sure there wont be any intricately disintegrating knits like in most of their collections, but if they are still inspired by horror movies like they have been their entire career thus far it should be interesting to see their interpretation. I just hope, for my sake, its not a bunch of Holiday type dresses as it is due to release in stores on December 20. Now if only Target would do a shoe designer collaboration with someone worth while. I mean, the Rodarte collaboration shoes have been pretty consistently genious:

Here's a link to a little more useful information...i guess:

I'll update further when the actual pictures of the products get released.