Friday, December 25, 2009


On the other hand...The future is looking BRIGHT.
I take off to Europe on Sunday and I'm super excited.
I can't think of a better way to bring in the new year than in Paris.
I wish everybody love, happiness, and success through the holiday and into the new year.


This time, a year ago, I felt loved.
This time, a year ago, I felt warmth and comfort and acceptance.
This time, a year ago, I felt complete; I saw my future, the rest of my life.
This time, a year ago, I had you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Tonight I went to the opening reception of Project White T-shirt at Welcome Hunters in chinatown. Project White T-shirt is an art exhibition and auction curated by Triple Major in which all proceeds go to Designers Against Aids. The project challenged 31 designers from 13 countries to "transform a plain white t-shirt into something more. The designers can turn the shirt into anything they want, however they want. They will redefine the definition of the t-shirt as we’ve understood it for so many decades." These type of challenges always intrigue me, especially trying to redefine such a basic part of culture as a White T-shirt. This is partly why I'm constantly obsessed with Slow and Steady Wins the Race, because I think Mary Ping's series based fashion always tries to redefine a type of clothing we take for granted. In any case, I wasn't impressed with ALL of the designers creations, but a few stood out to me. I think the thing I really wanted most though was the GIANT plain white T shown in the picture above, sadly I don't think that is up for the auction, and I'm sure if it was I probably couldn't afford to win it.

The exhibition is showcased at Welcome Hunters now through January 27, 2010, and then will have a moment at Space 15Twenty in Hollywood in February 2010, but bidding has already begun online so visit to view all the pieces and purchase some for yourself.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


My "Cube Bangle" in the new I LOVE FAKE magazine.
Check out the "lets get lost in La La Land" shoot styled by Brett Bailey.

Monday, December 14, 2009


My birthday weekend went pretty well, despite a few inappropriate conversations and the car accident that happened to me. I celebrated 3 nights: Friday I went to dinner with a few friends, then Saturday was RHONDA, and then on sunday night I had a dinner with my family. I love every single person i saw for my birthday over those 3 days. I wish I could've seen a few more as well. Anyway, a bunch of amazing people gave me gifts and I felt like sharing those here, especially since I don't feel I was fully able to appreciate the gift in the midst of the partying. Here's a breakdown of what I got from my friends.

Kimi made me this 3-D "strength" broach and this rhonda symbol necklace:

Adelaide gave me this medly of "The Vixen Manual" (very useful book you should pick up) and the most amazing jacket that incorporates all the things i love: black, cropped, shoulder pads, sheer, sequins, lace, and fringe. It's like somebody made the jacket specifically for me, I love it. oh and her card to me was written on the inside of her vhs "Clueless" movie cover which caused quite a controversy amongst our other friends.

Jeppe gave me "The Bionic Woman," a big bottle of Absolut 100 proof vodka, and a magnum condom in hopes that I'd find somebody to use it on, haha.

Audrey actually went to Rough Trade and asked them about me being registered in their gift registry, which I had made a joke about. Since they in actuality do not have a gift registry and I wasn't registered there she got me this leather cuff and 90's porn magazine.

Laura Sutro gave me a gift along the same lines. She gave me this leather eye mask, which I'm guessing is also from rough trade.

Aaron Mendoza gave me this vintage "beach bum" shirt with a Lacoste headband and an animated gay porn magazine. Oh and I should also mention how creatively it was wrapped in old yearbook pages where he changed all the messages to say "dear greg" instead of "dear grant."

Kristin Condia gave me this cool porcupine quill choker. I also took a liking to the phrase she wrote for my card "lovin you is easy cuz you're beautiful."

Michael Shane got me a very useful H&M giftcard.

Christian Bustamante gave me this gorgeous little vintage "Sagittaire" jewelry box filled with mini earths and a diamond key chain with a note that called me a "diamond of galactical proportion."

Oh, and I almost forgot the amazing cake Adelaide got me:

She said that the woman who made it said to her "oh he rook rike he rike to pawtay." Amazing.

Thank you to all my friends who wished me a happy birthday, especially to all those that came out to see me, and especially especially to those that gave me gifts. ; )
Love you all.