Monday, August 17, 2009

Sex On A String

This past weekend Ryan Heffington organized a dance/art performance along with his cohorts (including but not limited to Mr. Drew Hinckley, Mr. Steven Synstellian, Ms. Nina McNeely, and Ms. Maurice Harris). Nobody really knew what to expect since everything was kept so hush hush. Not even my own damn friends that were in the performance would really say much about it, but I heard even they were kept somewhat in the dark about the whole thing. Even with all the confusion over what it was they still managed to sell out tickets to both nights (August 14 & 15, 2009).

Everybody on the list was to show up around 7:30pm at The Short Stop in Echo Park, where you check in, paid your $10 fee, and were given a red string to tie around your wrist as an entry ticket. Me and Courtney weren't that into the kabalah look, but we went along. Inside the Short Stop they served a specialty drink for the evening which was comprised of champagne, gin, and chambourd, but also came with the same red string inside the drink as a garnish...which made us realize we coulda just bought the $6 drink and used the string instead of paying the $10 up front...but whatever, support the arts and all that.

Around 8pm two men with fringed hats and accordians walked us all up the street and up a hill to the performances. The performances were all set up in different areas throughout the neighborhood and surrounding hills which we walked through, not as easy a task for Courtney being that her shortest and most comfortable heels are still like 4 inches high.

All the performances were based in voyeurism and fetish, obviously including public sex. The areas and setup were also done pretty well. I think they all did a great job, and I enjoyed doing something a bit different from my normal friday night. I just hope I didn't get Lime disease or anything from walking through those hills at night.

For more pictures click here.

Make sure to get your tickets early to the next performance piece these kids come out with, and if you would like to get more into things yourself check out Sweaty Sundays, the dance class Mr. Heffington teaches every sunday in silverlake.

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