Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Martin Cohn

I know I've been absent for a while, but this just excited me enough to post a little something. MALE model Martin Cohn closed the show for Elise Overland wearing a black sequined, platform heels, and possibly fake breasts....HELLO?! WORK!

I've been noticing that Martin has gotten alot more jobs recently ever since he went completely albino with the bleached blonde eyebrows and hair, pushing his androgynous look just a little bit further than most of the other waify boys. Although I don't really know him, I guess he's come a long way from back when I first took notice in New York years ago when my friend introduced me to him. If nothing else his look has changed drastically enough for me to warrant some applause. I know the whole cross dressing thing has been done before, and the androgyny too, but for some reason this just excited me a little bit more, so kudos to martin and I hope I see more.


  1. Wow... wish I looked like him...

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