Thursday, August 6, 2009

WTF: Nissan Cube

This is NOT something I'm obsessed with.
I repeat: This is NOT something I'm obsessed with.

Ok, So I'm kinda breaking my own rules for this blog, but seriously WHAT THE FUCK! I saw this car parked near my Apartment and almost threw up. It is just SO ugly to me. I'm not one to follow cars, so the news about this car's arrival probably hit a long long time ago, but now that it's on the streets and I will most likely have to see it often (since L.A. will undoubtedly buy a ton of anything new) I am very displeased.
What an eyesore.

Why does that back window wrap around only one side?
Does it think its wearing a Brian Lichtenberg bathing suit?:

ok, while we are looking at scion, PLEASE tell me this thing doesn't make it on American soil...


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  1. I actually am obsessed with that car. I think it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Have you seen the commercials? They market it as a car... THAT'S JUST LIKE A WEBSITE! IT'S A WEBSITE! BUT IT'S A CAR! DUH!