Thursday, October 29, 2009


I saw the Michael Jackson movie "This Is It" last night. It was pretty amazing. His voice during rehearsals seemed astonishingly concert ready, which I guess I should've expected. Seeing how the concert was supposed to come to life made me wish all over again that his death was merely a bad dream. I'm sure the tickets were way out of my price range but I would've done whatever I could've to get into it. It's feels so weird being reminded that he's not in this world anymore.

Of course, the parts I was really into were his rehearsal outfits. It seemed like he got dressed in the dark of a gift closet half the time. Especially with those Ed Hardy sweatpants and shirts mixed with tight orange jeans, black loafers, turqoise oversized shirt and oversized boxy silver, what? The looks I really did appreciate was when he was wearing those evil looking female pointed shoulder coats with black cargo pants or baggyish slacks. I think the coats were Margiela womenswear, but I'm not sure. He looked like an evil witch in them and I loved it. I forgot to bring my camera to the theater (idiot!) so this is the only picture I could snap of his look with my camera phone:

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