Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today at work we were discussing the many different type of television shows that I would be great hosting. One that has always been very close to my heart is Taradise. Originally slotted to be E! network's "Wild On" but with new host Tara Reid, it turned into an amazing guilty pleasure for tons of people that just wanted to see Tara get drunk, be a slutty idiot, and make a fool of herself. Obviously it was amazing and I loved it. I used to want to be her successor after she died from liver cancer or whatever other problem she would have obviously had if the show continued on the air. Actually, I still do want to be her successor. If anybody out there works at E! network then please let me know so i can audition to host the next season of "Wild On!" Tara has proved to me that all you have to do is be completely clueless as to any of the culture of the destinations you are sent, get wasted, flirt with guys, and party your ass off in any club they send you. I don't even think she knows where she is half the time, its amazing.

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