Sunday, December 20, 2009


Tonight I went to the opening reception of Project White T-shirt at Welcome Hunters in chinatown. Project White T-shirt is an art exhibition and auction curated by Triple Major in which all proceeds go to Designers Against Aids. The project challenged 31 designers from 13 countries to "transform a plain white t-shirt into something more. The designers can turn the shirt into anything they want, however they want. They will redefine the definition of the t-shirt as we’ve understood it for so many decades." These type of challenges always intrigue me, especially trying to redefine such a basic part of culture as a White T-shirt. This is partly why I'm constantly obsessed with Slow and Steady Wins the Race, because I think Mary Ping's series based fashion always tries to redefine a type of clothing we take for granted. In any case, I wasn't impressed with ALL of the designers creations, but a few stood out to me. I think the thing I really wanted most though was the GIANT plain white T shown in the picture above, sadly I don't think that is up for the auction, and I'm sure if it was I probably couldn't afford to win it.

The exhibition is showcased at Welcome Hunters now through January 27, 2010, and then will have a moment at Space 15Twenty in Hollywood in February 2010, but bidding has already begun online so visit to view all the pieces and purchase some for yourself.

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