Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The full moon on november 2nd was/is supposed to make alot of things for a lot of people more intense. For me that usually means my emotions run wild. Everything seems life or death to me, and though I try to fight it I just can't help my psychosis getting the best of me sometimes. I completely embarrassed myself on the night of the full moon, but that's ok. I've learned to accept that I'm a little crazy and a lot emotional, and I'm happier about it now. I've also realized that I love when other people are open and truthful about their emotions, especially the ones that normally people keep to themselves or try to hide. I'm so into being the most open person I can be in 2010 and I hope everybody else follows that as well. Just think how insane and truthful we all can be. It's scary and it fascinates me. I want to know every emotion that every person has at every moment. Twitter could become a great resource for this, and actually, my friend's twitter post is what inspired this post:

"Last night driving home at 3am I was listening to 'sistser sledge - thinking of you' and crying"
via MuOP

It's these simple things, like sorrow and yearning, that make me think humans are beautiful.

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