Friday, July 17, 2009


David Toro (n.y. by way of l.a. by way of s.f.) got some recognition from the N.Y. Times as a authoritary voice on the current non-eyebrow "trend" (?). David recently began bleaching his eyebrows to the point of invisibility which has confused many a friend, including myself the last time he visited L.A. This isn't the first pioneering step for alternative eyebrows David has taken, he designs a line of facial accessories by the name of FACE along with his boyfriend and another dear friend of mine, Solomon Chase. Take a look at their reflector brows, which I'm OBSESSED with of course, and also a before and after pic of Toro.

Reflector Brows:

Toro before:

Toro after:

Toro madness?:

Now read the NYTimes article her:
Where Have All The Eyebrows Gone?

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